Electric TRUCK KIT
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You picked a 100% all electric Truck which includes:

  • Brand new Truck ready for kit assembly
  • Electric Motor Kit (125HP at 325 ft lbs of torque)
  • 1,000 lb pay load
  • Controller and VCU Kit
  • Adaptor Plate Kit
  • Battery Power Pack Kit
  • Charger Kit
  • Display Unit Kit
  • 2 Day class with free full training on how to build your own electric vehicle

You will recieve all of the parts and we will personally guide you through the installations steps on how to build your own Electric Vehicle.  After you finish the build you will be able to take the car to your local DMV and register as a kit car and drive on any highway with your zero emmision vehcile.

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Electric TRUCK KIT

Price: $18,900.00
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